Techno Kendall Cup

The Techno Kendall Cup Regattas for 2010-11 season, the scoring system to be used, and the reporting of results, have been decided and announced by the NZ Techno Class Association Committee.

The seven Kendall Cup regattas are:

  1. Winter Champs – Murrays Bay – 1-3 October
  2. North Shore Champs – Takapuna – 13-14 November
  3. Sir Peter Blake Memorial – Torbay – 4-5 December
  4. Junior Sail Auckland – Kohimarama – 12-13 February
  5. Auckland Centreboard Champs – Howick – 5-6 March
  6. RS:X/Techno North Islands – Tauranga – 12-13 March
  7. Supercity Youth Regatta – Torbay – 16-18 April

Put them on your kitchen calendars or in your iPods or whatever right now! The first one is less than a month away!
Techno Kendall Cup banner
Scoring – here’s how it will work:

You will be scored in all regattas in the age division you will be in for 2011.

  • If you are under 15 on 31 Dec 2011 you will be in the under 15 division.
  • If you are under 17 on 31 Dec 2011 you will be in the under 17 division.
  • If you are 17 or over on 31 Dec 2011 you will be in the open division.

Please note under 15 can use 6.8 or 5.8 sails. Under 17 can use 7.8 or 6.8.

The special age division rules for the Kendall cup will not affect the normal Techno age division rules for the individual regattas

  • First place overall for each regatta in each age and sex division gets 1 point, second place 2 points etc.
  • You must at least start one race to get a place at a regatta (ie you can’t just enter and not turn up!)
  • All regattas count equally, regardless of how many races are completed in each regatta.
  • If you miss a regatta you will score five more points than the last place in your division (eg if six sailors enter and race a regatta in your division and you don’t, you will score 11 points)
  • At the end of the season, your worst regatta will be discarded (in other words you can afford to miss one regatta if you sail well enough at the others, but if you miss two it will cost you dearly!)
  • The sailor with the fewest points in each division at the end of the season will be the winner!
  • As well as the under 15 and under 17 boys and girls divisions, there will be an open age girls division.

As this is our first year running the Kendall Cup, we should expect this to be a learning experience, and we reserve the right to change these rules during the season if we consider that something is not working or can be improved. Any changes will be advised promptly.

Results – we intend to calculate the results of the Kendall Cup as soon as possible after each included regatta and report these online and via email. At the final regatta of the season (Supercity in Torbay) we intend to calculate the final Kendall Cup results immediately after the regatta results are known, and hold a prizegiving immediately after the regatta prizegiving. We are hoping that Bruce or Barbara Kendall will be there to present the trophies.

So there you have it – our master plan for getting lots of young sailors out on the water as much as possible, having as much fun as possible, and keeping New Zealand on top of the windsurfing world! So grab this opportunity and run with it, and we’ll see you on the water!

Happy Sailing!
NZ Techno Class Association Committee

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